Amber Moon Miniature  and 
Petite Goldendoodles


Meet Boomer! We are very happy to present Fox Creek's Boomer, a miniature sized multigen Goldendoodle who came to us as a puppy. Boomer is a lovely boy and he has the sweetest disposition and loves to cuddle and play. Boomer is a sturdy boy, we call him the tank :) Boomer tested -/- for curl, which means his offspring will have the sought after wavy coat type. 

Boomer is a certified G.A.N.A. dog, and he tested clear for the entire Goldendoodle genetic testing panel and is of the highest quality we could find. Boomer is OFA certified and tested normal for heart, patellas, elbows, and hips are good. He also is CAER (eyes) certified. We are very happy Boomer is part of our program, he is our main breeding stud and we are lucky to have such a beautiful and sweet companion :)

Here you can see Boomer as a pup! 

(Photo courtesy of Fox Creek Farm)

This lovely boy is Bentley! Bentley is a F1 generation, meaning he is 50% poodle and 50% golden retriever. Bentley is a lovely dog, he is sweet, outgoing, playful and very smart. We hope Bentley will sire F1b litters for us in the future :) Bentley tested clear for the entire Goldendoodle genetic testing panel, and is OFA certified for hips, elbows, patellas, heart and eyes (CAER).