Amber Moon Miniature  and 
Petite Goldendoodles


The Goldendoodles was developed in the late 1990's with the breeding of a Standard Poodle and a Golden Retriever. The reason for this cross was to accommodate people who loved the temperament of the Golden Retriever but could not deal with the amount of hair they left and/or allergy issues. People were thrilled with the option of this lovely new dog breed and soon they attained nationwide popularity.

The breed further developed, and soon requests for different sizes came up. There are now 4 different sizes of Goldendoodles available, from Petite, below 14" and under 25 lbs., to Miniature, between 14-17" and between 26-35" tall, to Medium, between 17-21" tall and between 35-40 lbs to Standard size (over 21" and over 51 lbs. We are specializing in Miniature and Petite Goldendoodles. 

Goldendoodles are incredibly smart and loving, and that applies to any available generation and size. They are non-aggressive, playful and very smart and they love human companionship. Goldendoodles are also low or non-shedding, and their coat can be wavy and/or curly. They make perfect family dogs!